History of the NAAAS & Affiliates

The National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates (NAAAS) was founded in 1992 on the campus of Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia. The founders, all members of the College of Social Sciences, include Mr. Gary Baker, Valery Y.R. Bates-Brown, Ph.D., Lemuel Berry, Jr., Ph.D., Mrs. Juanita B. Evans, Joseph Goldenberg, Ph.D., Mrs. Pansy E. Jacobs-Jackson, and Wallace McMichael, Ph.D. The overarching goal of the organization was directed toward providing faculty and students an opportunity to engage in scholarly endeavors. This goal has been expanded and the following goals are the foundation from which the organization derives its directions and actions.



To serve as a resource for scholars in the field who desire information and support for research related to the African and African American, Hispanic, Latino(a) and Chicano(a), Native American and Asian experiences:



To promote acquaintanceship and group effort among those interested in African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos(as) and Chicanos(as), Native Americans and Asians;

To further the cause of research in African American, Hispanic, Latino(a) and Chicano(a), Native American and Asian Studies;

To stimulate greater public interest in and better informed public opinion regarding African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos(as) and Chicanos(as), Native Americans and Asians;

To serve as a forum for the expression of research and artistic endeavors in the celebration of the lives and works of African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos(as) and Chicanos(as), Native Americans and Asians;

To provide research and information on African American, Hispanic (Latino/a and Chicano/a), Native American and Asian Studies in publications and a refereed journal;

To promote globalization through international forums;

To maintain archives which will be made available to all who are desirous of using available resources; and

To support and host a national conference each year which will provide students and scholars an opportunity to present research in an open forum.


In 1996, the National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies became an affiliate of NAAAS. The National Association of Native American Studies and the International Association of Asian Studies became affiliates in 1998. To date, NAAAS is the only multicultural research organization in the United States whose board and general membership represent the four largest minority groups in the United States.

A number of outstanding community leaders and scholars have served on the national board. Many of our past leaders are still very active with the organization and serve in such capacities as consultant, program coordinator, national representative for special projects, as well as spokespersons at special events. Leaders include, but are not limited to such individuals as Lt. Col. Kay Frances Hobson, U.S. Army (retired) (2000-2005); Dr. Brian Reed, Langston University (1995-2009), Dr. Lisa Jones, University of Houston Clear Lake (2003-2008); Dr. Joyce Buckner-Brown, Centers for Disease Control (2000-2005); Dr. Veronica Lopez-Estrada, University of Texas-Pan American (2002-2008); Dr. Eddie Jones, University of Arkansas (1996-2008); Dr. Kathryn Brewer-Strayer, Stillman College (2001-2009); Mr. Ernesto Quiroga, Pima Community College (2005-2010); Dr. Gloria Bogdan (deceased) (2006-2008); Dr. Rita Henry-Brown, Albany State University (2002-2007); and Dr. Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure, University of Northern Iowa (1999-2006) who will long be remembered for the countless hours and earnest time invested in contributing to the development of the organization.

In 1997, NAAAS & Affiliates produced its first research publication, The Journal of Intercultural Disciplines. This is a refereed/peer reviewed journal, and is found in college/university libraries throughout the world. Patrons and scholars may acquire copies of this publication from EBSCO and ProQuest Library Services. NAAAS & Affiliates also publishes a monograph series that comprises research papers presented at the national conference, regional meetings, the Sino-American International Research Forum, and specialized programs. All publications are housed in archives of ProQuest, Inc. Thus, all publications are available online through college/university libraries, specialized collections, agencies, etc.

Historically, the national organization has served as host for a national conference each February. The conference attracts scholars from colleges and universities across the United States and many foreign countries (e.g., Australia, Canada, China, England, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, U.A.E.). The national conference traditionally provides opportunities for scholars, students, and guests to engage in intellectual dialogue on a broad range of topics. Traditional subject areas include immigration issues, social sciences, HIV/AIDS, fine arts, business, political sciences, health sciences, history, education, medicine, law, etc. Information is shared with attendees through paper presentations, round table discussions, panels and demonstrations. The national organization provides undergraduate honors and graduate students the opportunity to participate in the conference through the creation of poster presentations. More than one hundred students participate in the poster presentation program on an annual basis. The conference also includes a career fair, health screenings, book fair, exhibits, entertainment, and academic training skills (e.g., test taking and career planning) for junior and senior high school students. The conference truly provides an experience for attendees that cannot be found in any other setting.


The national organization directs a number of projects annually. Among these projects are the following:


National Conference (1993 – )

This conference is held annually during the second full week of February. An average of 400 speakers and 2,000 attendees participate in this program.


Academic Scholars’ Program (1997 – )

Academic Scholars’ Program provides opportunities for U.S. College/University teachers to lecture in Asia (2-4 weeks). More than 600 college professionals have participated in this program.


Sino-American International Research Forum (1998 – )

This is a reciprocal program with Guangxi Normal University (Guilin, P.R. China) to support presentation of scholarly papers related to education and health sciences. Two research forums are held annually (U.S. and China). Research forums have also been co-sponsored with Capital Normal University and Capital College of Social Sciences; both of Beijing, P.R. China. The joint projects have supported the research of more than 300 Chinese and U.S. scholars. The proceedings from the research are produced on CD.


Veterans History Project (2005 – )

NAAAS and Affiliates have partnered with the U.S. Library of Congress to acquire histories, biographies, etc. of persons who serve(d) in the military, are direct relatives of veterans or had some affiliation with military personnel during a period of military conflict.


Teacher Training Program (2010 – )

A select program is provided annually that addresses an issue found in many K-12 school systems. The training is lead for three days by a nationally recognized teacher/scholar who is engaged in pre K-12 education.


Publishers’ Corner (2009 – )

Recently published books are posted on the website to better inform the profession of available literature that may be used in the classroom, for research and/or general reading.


Regional Meetings (2011- )

The national organization hosts regional meetings in early fall (September/October). Each regional meeting generally has one (1) affiliate participating. This approach provides that organization an opportunity to acquire additional members, build a new base of support in a select region, acquire developmental services from local agencies, and serve as a new resource for educational institutions in that region.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Research Forum, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (2011 -)

NAAAS and Affiliates has initiated a partnership with NMMU. A group of U.S. researchers will visit this university every two years. The travel generally includes a visit to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg.


The aforementioned programs are open to academic and professional persons. There are also many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in developmental activities.

Several unique programs have been developed that provide learned opportunities for students, faculty and professionals in the health services. In 2002, the organization formed the International Medicine and Health Sciences Coalition. The purpose of the coalition is to:

Provide opportunities for internationals to receive medical training that will improve patient care in third world countries.

Provide opportunities for U.S. based health professionals to teach in a third world country.

Provide opportunities for health professionals from third world countries to receive specialized training in the U.S.

Provide opportunities for American students to complete a clinical rotation in a third world country.


 Members of the Medical and Health Sciences Coalition include:


National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates

Dornagobi Medical College (Dornagobi, Mongolia)

China Medical University

Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University

National University of Laos

Peking Union Medical College

Institute of Medicine, Nepal


NAAAS & Affiliates continues to interact with all members of the Coalition. From 1996 to the present, the national organization has provided training for nurses from the First School of Medicine of Guangxi Medical University. Approximately 35-40 nurses engage in intensive study during the summer on a college campus in the U.S. From 1996-2001, nurses studied and received training in Morehead, Kentucky, at Morehead State University. Chinese nurses have also received training at institutions in Maine and Ohio.

Professional health providers have also lectured and directed training at clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities in the People’s Republic of China. Among the affiliate institutions are Capital University of Medical Sciences, Peking University Hospital, Guangxi Medical University, Training Division – Health Manpower Exchange Center, Chung-Shan Medical University (Taiwan), and Beijing Activity Center for Disabled Persons.


International Training Programs




Profession: Nurses

Members in Group: 40

Affiliations: First School of MedicineFirst Affiliated HospitalGuangxi Normal University

Contact: Mo Kun, Director Nursing Department

Location: Morehead State UniversityMorehead, Kentucky, USA



Profession: Nurses

Members in Group: 37

Affiliations: First School of MedicineFirst Affiliated HospitalGuangxi Normal University

Contact: Mo Kun, Director Nursing Department

Location: Guilin, Guangxi



Profession: Nurses

Members in Group: 41

Affiliations: First School of MedicineFirst Affiliated HospitalGuangxi Normal University

Contact: Mo Kun, Director Nursing Department

Location: Morehead State UniversityMorehead, Kentucky, USA



Profession: Nurses

Members in Group: 50

Affiliations: Universidad Estadural Do Ceara

Contact: Monassess Claudino Fonteles, M.D.

Location: Fortaleza-Ceara, Brazil


Profession: Health Professionals

Members in Group: 32

Affiliations: Capital Science Medical University

Contact: Li Yi Ting and Liu Surong

Location: Beijing, P.R. China



Profession: Nurses

Members in Group: 60

Affiliations: First School of MedicineFirst Affiliated HospitalGuangxi Normal University

Contact: Mo Kun, Director Nursing Department

Location: Morehead State UniversityMorehead, Kentucky, USA



Profession: Health Science Providers Research Forum

Members in Group: 17

Affiliations: National University of Laos Medical Sciences

Contact: Kamphong Nammavonmixay

Location: Vientiane, Laos

Affiliations: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Contact: Jingyun Ma, Director, International Cooperation

Affiliations: Peking University, Health Science Center

Contact: Zhe Dong, Ph.D., Professor and Director

Affiliations: China Medical University

Contact: Zhao Qun, PresidentQiao Min, Dean, International Nursing School

Affiliations: Training Division, Health Manpower Exchange Center

Contact: Zhang Hui, Director

Affiliations: Huai Medical College & Huai Hospital of Sichuan University

Contact: Zianming Chen, Ph.D., Professor of Oral Medicine



Profession: Health Providers

Members in Group: 31

Affiliations: Capital University of Medical Sciences

Contact: Lu Surong

Location: Beijing, P.R. China


Profession: Nurses

Members in Group: 70

Affiliations: First School of MedicineFirst Affiliated HospitalGuangxi Normal University


Location: Guilin, Guangxi



Profession: Formation of International Medical School Collaboration

Participating School: Medical College of Dornogobi, Mongolia

Contact: Damjin Nyamkhuu, Professor Mangal Otgonchimeg, Vice Director for Academic Affairs


Participating School: Institute of Medicine

Contact: Professor Trilok Pate Thapa

Participating School: National University of Laos

Contact: Khamphong Nammavongmlxay, Director of Academic Affairs



Profession: Training Services and Lectures


Dornogobi Medical College, Mongolia

Israel College, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Chang-Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Beijing Activity Center for the Disabled Person

Vocational Education Research Association for Disabled People of China

Luoyang Disabled Person’s Federation

Taizhou Disabled Person’s Federation


Currently, the national organization is extending its medical training by building relationships with institutions and agencies in a number of foreign countries. The membership has high expectations that affiliate and collaborative programs will be developed in Nepal and Laos in the near future.

The national organization has directed an international tour for the Morehead State University Symphonic Band (China, 2000) and held a regional meeting in Cancún, Mexico (2001). Additionally, it has directed a business seminar for Chinese in 2005 in association with AmerAsia of New York City, and directed the University of Arkansas Gospel Choir tour to Beijing (2008). The National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates will continue to maintain and create new learned opportunities for the membership, professionals, and the community.


The national organization holds memberships in Maine Association of Nonprofits, BBB, and Maine Secretary of State Business Association. NAAAS and Affiliates is recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.




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